Jason Jin

Bay Area. Swarthmore '20

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About Me

Currently a rising junior studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science at Swarthmore College. I'm into art, design, game theory, math, and tech. I'm passionate about working on challenging and meaningful projects.

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What I'm working on

Self-sorting robotic trash can
What if your trash could sort itself? Read More
SwatTank '18 Top 3
Your personal social map
All your events and friends on a single real-time social map.
Fake Bananas
Check your facts before you slip on them
Validate your article claims against our machine learning system to predict its credibility
Read More
HackMIT '17 Top 10, Best Use of Data, & Best Use of AI for Social Good
Smart Camera
Take smart interactive photos, with the help of OCR & Machine Learning.
Hack-the-Trico '17 Best Overall Winner

Some of my past designs & art

My Github

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